Do you or your company need help crafting and executing a social impact strategy that is both anchored in business fundamentals and demonstrates a clear return on investment?  

Do you have trouble figuring out ways to optimize social impact and profit?

Do you struggle with clearly communicating your impact to your stakeholders?

We can help.


We all know doing good is good business, but most social impact strategies are not optimized for business.  To maximize both profit and impact, companies must develop coherent, integrated social impact strategies in order to be sustainable.

Our founder has been working with C-level executives for over 15 years to both optimize social impact and manage political risk. She has worked with over a third of the Fortune500 companies in over 100 different markets all over the world. 

Companies do not need to sacrifice financial return in exchange for social impact โ€“ our clients have shown you can have both.

introducing marie mae's LIVE WORKSHOPS

The Marie Mae workshop is a two-day intensive training course developed specifically for business owners and C-level executives. Offered either at the mm office or your own, the workshop assists companies in building out an integrated social impact strategy that aligns their business strategy as a whole. We help you identify where your business can uniquely make an impact in the marketplace and appeal to internal and external stakeholders. Utilizing the 5-part Marie Mae Method, we create an implementation plan for your business, and discover key metrics to track effectiveness.

To learn more about our small group workshops, please reach out to us at