One-on-One Consulting

Do you or your company need help determining how to turn your business into a force for good?  

Do you have trouble figuring out ways to add a social impact component to your business that will not hurt your ability to be profitable?

Do you struggle with clearly communicating your impact to your customers?

We can help.



Great for startups, entrepreneurs, small businesses, bloggers, or anyone who needs guidance on specific social impact and business issues. Every session includes a pre-call worksheet, a 60 minute video session with Jillian, and one follow up email to ensure you have the clarity you need regarding your next steps. This is our most popular service.

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Impact initiative development


Includes 3 one-on-one video calls.  Exercises include: 1. A guided stakeholder analysis (who do you already impact in every area of your business); 2. Identifying the best impact initiative for your company and building the business case; and 3. Assistance in outlining the next steps to implement your plan.  Great for individuals, dreamers, entrepreneurs or professionals looking to add a social impact component to your business that is both sustainable and strategic.

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Monthly consulting

$3,000 - $10,000/month

Month-to-month agreement (no long term contract required).  Great for larger brands looking to implement social good that makes sense into their business model.  Scope of work is tailored to each client, but may include: impact initiative development, assistance with implementation, identifying potential partners, developing your messaging, and ongoing monitoring of your impact.